Please forward or copy the information in this notice to all providers who may be affected by these processing changes.

Please forward or copy the information in this notice to all providers who may be affected by these processing changes.

This notice is to advise you of data relating to the

TennCare Pharmacy Program.
Please forward or copy the data during this notice to any or all suppliers
who is also tormented by these processing changes.

This notice is to tell you that extra ag ents are added to the D ose Titration Override table. TennCare acknowledges that prescribers m ust frequently tritrate the dosage of a medication to attain therapeutic goals. This typically needs quite one prescription for the same drug in an exceedingly sing le month. However, m ultiple prescriptions utilized in dose titrations m ay accumulate against prescription limits. The Te nnCare Pharmacy Program established a Dose Titration Override method to avoid unnecessary in crements to pre scriptions limits for choose drugs and/or drug categories. Pharm acy suppliers are allowed to method a second claim for the same medication at intervals twenty one days of the initial claim by inserting a


in the s ubmission clarification code field (NCPDP #420DK). Claims submitted during this manner for an equivalent drug within twenty one days of every generic effexor xr at walmart alternative won't count towa rd the prescription limit. Claim s for the following medicine and categories will be submitted with a Titration Override Code:


warfarin, Jantoven®, Coumadin®

Low Molecular Weight Heparins:

Arixtra®, Fragmin®, Lovenox® and Innohep®


: phenytoin, Dilantin Infatab®, Dilantin K apseal® 30mg, Phenytek®, Dilantin125®, and Dilantin Kapseal®



Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs): generic for effexor

citalopram, fluoxetine,
How to Know if You Have Anxiety or Depression

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